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Director Yoshitaka Abe
Aquamarine Fukushima

Message from the Director

On the 10th International Aquariums Congress to be hosted by the Aquamarine Fukushima

When we hit the wall of the life, we are leaving for a trip abroad. An international conference is to go for a trip abroad while being in domestic country.
The Aquamarine Fukushima to host the 10th International Aquarium Congress has already decided since after seven years from the disasters in 2018 on the stage of Onahama Port. In the international conference of the aquarium, the first (1960) and the second (1988) were held as the international conference of AQARIOLOGY in the Museum of Oceanography in Monaco.
The third (1993) was renamed to the IAC, International Aquarium Congress and hosted by the Boston New England Aquarium, in USA. Present author, Abe has chanced to join from this third Congress, and made possible to interchange between many aquarists around the world.

《 Museum of Oceanography in Monaco 》

While, the fourth (1996) was hosted by the Tokyo Sea Life Park where present author was registered. In Tokyo Congress. it was decided the host aquarium is to move each continent every four years in the Olympic year.

《 Tokyo Sea Life Park 》

The fifth (2000) returned to Monaco in honor of the founder. I attended Monaco as an aquarium director of the new Aquamarine Fukhshima. The sixth (2004) was hosted by the Monterey Bay Aquarium to commemorate their 20th anniversary.
The seventh (2008) returned to Asia, and Shanghai Ocean Aquarium hosted the Congress.
Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town hosted the eighth (2008) Congress.On the occasion, I reported the activities of the Aquamarine Fukushima to overcome the disasters caused by the Northeastern Great Earthquake and re-opening.

《 Monterey Bay Aquarium 》

《 Shanghai Ocean Aquarium 》

《 Two Oceans Aquarium 》

The ninth (2016) is hosted by the Vancouver Aquarium in Canada in autumn and scheduled on September 26th to 29th. As for the theme, "Aquariums- a Growing Force for Ocean Conservation" has already announced.
The number of the world aquariums increases and is reaching 450 today.
IAC as an international conference is very suitable for a place discussing the environment of the planet of water.
The 10th IAC to be held in 2018, two years earlier was approved It will be understood by the member of the Steering Committee that the holding every four years is apt to become remote in information exchange.Furthermore, we think that we were understood if holding before the memory of 2011 disasters weathers is desirable.
We have already set up the secretariat and an executive committee meeting has already held in July 2016.And suggested the theme of the Congress as “Think about Our Future on the Water Planet”.
The holding period will be for one week of the beginning of November 5th in 2018, the assumption participation numbers of people 1,000 people (700 countries, 300 from foreign countries).Also, we are going to plan such "Water Environment Symposium" or "Fish Food Culture Festival” for the general participation.
The opportunity to experience local traditional Japanese culture is also scheduledthrough the pre-tours and post -tours including visiting other aquariums.

《 Aqamarine Fukushima 》

By Yoshitaka ABE
Director of Aquamarine Fukushima

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